Bulletproof Actor: Unstoppable Confidence - Infinite Success V2.0!


The ONLY CONFIDENCE INSTALLATION program specifically designed for actors, ON EARTH!

Crush Anxiety, Obliterate Audition Nerves & Create The Acting Career You DESERVE!

This Is A Must-Have Program If...

✅ You're an actor who doubts yourself and struggles with CONFIDENCE in your own ability.

✅ You're a PROCRASTINATOR who always feels busy, but NEVER productive.

✅ You experience regular ANXIETY - whether that's in or out of your acting career.

✅ You're sick and tired of feeling sick and tired - and you're ready to make some BIG CHANGES in your life and acting career!


A Program Like NO OTHER - To Ensure That You...

Understand The REAL Science Of Success, So You Can Actually ACT ON IT!

You've read 'The Secret' & now realise that simply wishing for an acting career DOESN'T work!

Destroy The Limiting Beliefs That Have Been Holding You Back For YEARS!

If you don't TRULY believe you can succeed as an actor, how can you?

Attack Your Goals In Ways That Make Them Almost Impossible NOT To Achieve!

99% of actors set their goals in ways that prime them for failure! Learn how to join the 1% club!

Break Through The Most Common Roadblocks We Face As Actors!

Learn strategies to leave that day job, improve your money mindset & super-charge your motivation!

Annihilate Procrastination & Become More Productive Than EVER Before!

We'll give you a science-backed framework to rid procrastination from your life, once and for all!

Get The Community & Support To Transform Your Life & Acting Career Forever!

Join a community of actors, ready to support you and hold you ACCOUNTABLE!

8 GAME-CHANGING Modules - With 3 MONTHS Of DAILY Support To GUARANTEE Your Success!


Introducing The ALL NEW 'Unstoppable Confidence - Infinite Success V2.0' 8 Module Program

Bulletproof Actor: Unstoppable Confidence - Infinite Success V2.0 comprises of 8 core modules - designed to take you from 'stuck to unstoppable' - in the quickest time possible.

Module 1: The Science Of Success

To teach you a scientifically-proven FORMULA for success, both in and out of your acting career. This first module will change your life forever.

Module 2: The Goal-Setting Gap

So you STOP setting goals that prime you for failure. In this module you'll learn how to set goals in a way that makes them almost impossible NOT to achieve.

Module 3: Output Over Outcome

The BIGGEST boost in self-worth you could imagine. If your current day-to-day is an emotional rollercoaster - this module will enable you to stop and finally get off.

Module 4: Breaking Through The Blocks

Teaching you how to SMASH through the most common actor roadblocks - of a life-draining day job, having no money in the bank and zero motivation to pursue your dreams.

Bulletproof Actor
Bulletproof Actor

Module 5: Procrastination Annihilation

Teaching you a game-changing framework to help you stop being busy and to start being PRODUCTIVE! If you're a major procrastinator - this module will remove MAJOR ANXIETY from your life.

Module 6: 7 Levels Deep

One of the most powerful exercises in positive psychology. You'll finish this module with a brand new understanding of why you're here, why you want to act and why NOTHING is going to stop you.

Module 7: Confidence Cultivation

People are NOT born with confidence. In this module, you'll learn a 3-step framework to cultivate authentic confidence - particularly in high-pressure situations, like auditions and whilst on-set.

Module 8: Unleashing Your Inner Hero

In this module, you'll complete 3 simple exercises to begin IMPLEMENTING EVERYTHING you've learned in this program. Together, we'll unleash your inner hero, guaranteeing the rest of your life is THE BEST OF YOUR LIFE!

Meet Your Hosts... Actor & Creator Of Bulletproof Actor - Ross Grant & High-Performance Mindset Coach - Matt Hall!

Ross Grant - Actor, Coach & Creator Of Bulletproof Actor

I've been a professional actor for 17 years now and since 2012 I've spent more than 600 HOURS interviewing the BIGGEST casting directors, agents and actors in TV for my company

The ONE thing that has become very apparent to me over this time, is that 90% of actors get IN THEIR OWN WAY - because they are living with a faulty mindset around success.

I became OBSESSED with high-performance, science-backed positive psychology in 2006 - and it changed my life and career FOREVER!

The strategies I learned helped me establish a full-time acting and voiceover career, build one of the biggest businesses in the TV acting industry - and above all, BE HAPPY!

I created Bulletproof Actor: Unstoppable Confidence - Infinite Success V2.0 to pass these strategies on TO YOU!

Matt Hall - High-Performance Mindset Coach

I grew up a child actor and spent almost a decade on the audition circuit, landing roles in TV shows like Unforgiven, The Royal and Heartbeat.

After transitioning into music and spending another decade touring the world with 'Rule The World' - the #1 Take That tribute act on Earth, I just felt I needed more.

I dived head-first into personal development and positive psychology - and what I learned truly transformed my life.

It's led to me breaking world records, becoming a Brit-finalist bodybuilder, launching my brand 'Success School' - and building multiple 6 and 7 figure companies.

I'm super-excited to be teaming up with Ross, to bring you this BRAND NEW Bulletproof Actor training program - it's going to change the game for so many actors out there!

Will YOU Be Our Next Success Story?

Check out just some of the results from past Bulletproof Actor students below!

Rachel Shenton - From Overwhelmed To Oscar-Winner!

Before actress Rachel Shenton enrolled in Bulletproof Actor, she was overwhelmed and crippled with limiting beliefs.

In her own words, Bulletproof Actor, "changed the game" for her.

Hit 'Play' to hear how this program helped Rachel crush her limiting beliefs, cultivate a bulletproof mindset, and take her first short film 'The Silent Child' to the Oscars - AND WIN!



Hear From More Bulletproof Actor Alumni!

Hit 'Play' to hear from EVEN MORE Bulletproof Actor graduates - and learn how this one-of-a-kind program has changed lives TIME & TIME AGAIN!

From helping actors land their first TV roles, to quitting day jobs and starting new businesses...

Every actor's journey is different, but equally as POWERFUL!

If you're truly ready to make the rest of your life, the BEST OF YOUR LIFE, enrol today and we can't wait to feature you as a case study soon!


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